Sunday, March 2, 2008

Feminist Fuck You courtesy of Feministing

The good women over at Feministing have launched a new weekly feature to offer a little vodcasting on a particular story that sucks. This is the inaugural vodcast and features ... vagina censorship ...

Click here for the entire series, all two of them so far. The second episode focuses on the Academy Awards segregation of male and female award categories.


  1. Sue,

    One of my appearances on NightTalk (this one when Dimitri Vassilaros was hosting)addressed this very issue of gender segregation in the Academy Awards.

    I'm sure Dawn Keezer who was also on that same show was rolling her eyeballs into the back of her head, not that I care, but even then, I don't recall caring enough to be "angry" about it.

    Now, I have to admit, I'm even more apathetic about it. Mostly, because I just don't care about "movie stars."

  2. just what do the people that fear that (gasp)"word" want us to use?

    any polls taken?

  3. I only care when I'm watching the Oscars and it is hard for me to get worked up about the lack of opportunities for anyone getting paid $1 million for anything. Susan Sarandon lost some cred in my book when she did makeup ads for Revlon.

    The issue isn't the awards, but the dearth of representation of women in Hollywood, in front and behind the camera. Big surprise.