Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Presidential Metrics

I'm a technology dork and in my world, metrics are one of the most widely used criteria for determining the value or success of a software/hardware product or website. I realized that I just needed to define my metrics for determining a presidential candidate to support.

A couple of days ago, I was reading a Johnstown forum board where a group of people were discussing the idea of organizing against an incoming Wal-Mart. That reminded me that this was an issue that used to make me very angry. Which candidate had spoken up about Wal-Mart?

Suddenly, I had a category for a metric. It is also a sub-category under the umbrella of the economy. When I hear the term, "Economy", in political discussions, I usually zone out pretty quickly. It seems really complicated and less than fascinating. However, after thinking about Wal-Mart and its negative impact on the US economy, I suddenly realized how important the economy topic is on my list of presidential criteria.

Then, I read the following on the Geek Interview list serve. I thought it summed up the idea perfectly.

"SQA Project Metrics
The application is only as good as its numbers. It is a harsh reality but everything has to come down to the numbers. Although we can enumerate tens or hundreds of features in a single application, it will all be for nothing if the metrics do not live up according to expectation. The SQA team should ensure that the expected metrics will be posted. At the same time, the SQA team should also select the right tool to gauge the application.

SQA Planning
Planning is one of the most important aspects of Software Quality Assurance. The entire operation of the SQA team depends on how well their planning is done. In smaller businesses, planning might not really dictate the flow of SQA but in larger businesses, SQA Planning takes on center stage. Without it, each component or department that works on the application will be affected and will never function."

I am going to approach my search for a presidential candidate as if they are a software product. I will continue this idea in a couple of following posts. The first one will definitely be the economy. The second one will probably be the environment and technology. The third one will probably be healthcare.

Agent Ska

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  1. This all seems reasonable. My instinct is that Clinton will get the edge in healthcare, there will be a slight edge to Obama in enviro/tech, and there will be an outsized Obama advantage in the economy. Looking forward to the series.