Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Weird Trib Excursion

Did anyone else see this article from Slate about Hillary Clinton's bizarre cozying up to Richard Mellon Scaife- the sleazebag Republican publisher of the Tribune Review?

An interesting tidbit:

"For whatever reason, Scaife decided last summer to extend the hand of friendship to Bill Clinton, whose post-presidency he professes to admire. Perhaps Scaife was looking to burnish his image with the judge then presiding over his extremely nasty divorce. Maybe he wanted to get even with the former Mrs. Scaife, who apparently prefers Obama. (She gave Obama's campaign $2,300 in February.) Bill Clinton overcame whatever scruples he might harbor to raise money for his foundation. Hillary Clinton is now doing the same in the interest of her candidacy. She is free, of course, to associate with whomever she pleases. But she is not free, while paddling the sewers with Scaife, to judge Obama publicly for belonging to Wright's church. Compared with Scaife, Wright is St. Francis of Assisi. The only possible reason why any Pennsylvanian might judge Wright more harshly than Scaife is that Scaife is white and Wright is black. That must be obvious even to Hillary as she cozies up to this repulsive billionaire."

I also enjoyed the interview with Mr. Scaife in 1981's Columbia Journalism Review where he responded to his female interviewer's question on his donations to the New Right, "You fucking Communist cunt, get out of here." This is the Clintons' newest choice for an ally?

Hillary's response to why she was at the Tribune Review offices?

"I said in the beginning when I arrived [at the Tribune-Review] that it was obviously somewhat counterintuitive for me to be there," she said.


  1. weird and more i think.

    i can tell the primary is close at hand because i've been getting the trib( with it's democrat bashing/obama bashing) free every morning on my lawn.

    the trib fairy shows up with free papers every primary or election season.

  2. The question is, if she'll meet with Scaiffe, why won't she meet with Achmedinejad, Castro, Kim.

  3. She never said that she wouldn't meet with them.

  4. Really? I could have sworn that was a big note of disagreement between them...

  5. no i didn't think she ever said that she wouldn't. i just find it strange.

    i've always said that people shouls vote for the person that they want to. as long as they take voting seriously and pay attention.


    I don't know why this story stayed with me.
    I'm only partially right; Clinton seemed to limit her criticism to meeting with these types "in the first year in office."