Wednesday, March 12, 2008

For better or worse

Why do high profile women who’ve been cheated on, lied to & treated VERY badly by their husbands, step up on stages next to these useless men & listen grimly, determined to hold every emotion back, as their spouses confess to the world? Is this bugging you as much as it's bugging me?

I can’t name a prominent female politician, athlete or preacher caught in a sex scandal, (but I could name a few school teachers). Do they not get caught?

Let's take a trip down Memory Lane


Silda Wall Spitzer (Guv. Eliot)

Carlita Kilpatrick (Detroit Mayor Kwame)


Suzanne Craig (Idaho Sen. Larry)


Dina McGreevey (NJ Guv. Jim)


Gayle Alcorn (Pastor Ted Haggard)

Wendy Vitter (LA Sen. David)

Cynthia Ore (PA Cong. Don Sherwood)


Vanessa Bryant (Kobe Bryant)*

Did the $4 million ring he bought her aid in her ability to see past his transgressions?


Carolyn Condit (CA Cong. Gary)*

Admitted having an affair with murder victim Chandra Levy


Hillary Clinton (Pres. Bill)

Bea Romer (CO Guv. Roy)

Bonnie Livingston (Cong. Bob)*

Of course this was during Clinton’s impeachment hearings & Bob was outraged, outraged I tell you about Clinton’s adultery!)


Lee Hart (Colorado Sen. Gary Hart)

It seems there should be a term for this, along the lines of perp walk.

I’ve read variants of Stand By Your Man, but they seem rather clumsy & long.


  1. it's tempting to lump all of the women together but i'm sure each of them have different reasons for their actions.
    what upsets me is when i hear some women judging these women as weak or stupid for not walking out on the spot, for standing there as their husband tries to save his ass as much as possible.
    makes them the victim twice.

  2. no one really knows what goes on between 2 people unless they are 1 of the 2.
    me, i have no idea what i would do right at that moment. maybe 6 months down the road or so. maybe not.

  3. I just watched the CNN vodcast of this...I felt so bad for her.

  4. i heard today on kdka that the woman whose husband stepped down because he was caught in a gay affair had no idea what he had called his press conference for until he stepped on the stage with her.

    my god!

  5. Gloria, on the Daily Show they dubbed it the Shame Parade.

    It's funny because every time an individual Shame Parade happens, I assume the jilted spouse can stand there because oh, she must have known what was up all along, it was a political marriage, she was 'in' on it. However, seeing that long long list, that can't possibly be the case all the time.

  6. Bram,

    Shame Parade doesn't have quite the cache of perp walk, but I digress.

    As Sherry posted - at least one of these women had no clue til she stood on that stage & her awful husband confessed.

    It's hard to imagine anyone being so cruel, so reckless as to not tell his spouse what was going on before she got up on stage.

    But, o.k., I can add "Not knowing" as a reason to march in the Shame Parade.

    What bugs me about the 'not knowing' thing is that these guys didn't get caught the day after their very first dalliance. Most had been at it for years.