Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Taxpayers in Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania have paid $2 billion for the Iraq War thus far. For the same amount of money, the following could have been provided:

490,774 People with Health Care OR
2,389,807 Homes with Renewable Electricity OR
43,553 Public Safety Officers OR
30,274 Music and Arts Teachers OR
163,361 Scholarships for University Students OR
105 New Elementary Schools OR
20,196 Affordable Housing Units OR
623,717 Children with Health Care OR
311,462 Head Start Places for Children OR
31,498 Elementary School Teachers OR
27,700 Port Container Inspectors

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  1. I thought about it and realized there was something missing from the list.

    Oh, that's right. I also could have bought a NINTENDO WII with my tax money.

    A nintendo wii, a dinner at the India Garden, a set of flares for POG to take my campaign headquarters hostage, and a computer game or two....oh wait, oh wait. I could have also gotten more of the DVDs for the West Wing and Sex in the City dvd sets.


  2. I suspect it would be more accurate to say that $2 billion has been borrowed on our behalf, perhaps mostly from the Chinese.

  3. yes, and that just makes it all the worse.

  4. That kind of money could've fixed a crumbling bridge or two.

    Could've filled every pothole in Allegheny County.

    Would've totally covered all Port Authority shortfalls.

    But I doubt it'd be enough to cover cost overruns on the North Shore connector, nor would it be enough to finish the Mon Fayette Expressway. There just isn't enough money for those two projects, can we drop them now?