Thursday, June 28, 2007

Almost curtain time ...

The woman sitting next to me and estimate there are at least 75-100 people at this hearing. I asked her opinion for objectivity sake. I just met Chris Potter in person. Zone 5 Commander Rashell Brackney ( I hope that is spelled correctly) just walked in as has Women and Girls Foundation Director and school board director-elect Heather Arnet. The LGBT's very own Billy Hileman is here and scheduled to testify. All the seats are occupied. I can see Councilwoman Darlene Harris and Councilman Bill Peduto. I'm sure there are other Councilpersons up there but I cannot see over the top of the heads in front of me.

I'm also getting warm. I will definitely deserve a frappucino after this.

It is 1:40 PM and I think they are getting started soon. A hush has fallen ...


  1. and i wouldn't recognize or know any of the people there. i'm pretty much out of the loop.

    just opinionated. ; )

  2. even tho i'm not a city resident(tho i can go down to the river and wave at it )

    everything that affects pgh. affects most of . if not all of allegheny county.

    even if one never sets foot in the city. hard not to, but i bet there are a few.

    and , even if i never did so again, i love this city. i was born and raised here and i care.