Sunday, June 10, 2007


I get inspiration from wherever it rears its lovely head. And I'm inspired by Rags to Riches, the filly that just won the Belmont. The last time a filly won was 102 years ago.

I'm also intrigued, why don't more fillies win? Knowing nothing about horse racing, I ask is it that fillies are generally slower? Is it that the (mostly), male owners don't think fillies can go the distance?

Thanks for inviting me to blog here, I promise to focus on issues of interest to Pittsburgh women. It's just that, when females of any species win, I like to send a little shout out.

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  1. I have paid no attention to anything horse-racing related in, well, forever. Thanks for the lovely post teaching me something knew. I like the imagery as a way to help kick off this blog.