Thursday, June 21, 2007

The true face seen through many shown

What do you see in the mirror
A nice person you are not
Do you live in an alternative reality
Be respectful and honest you cannot

You have invaded my privacy
You read the letter from my dead love
You viewed my private pictures
My secrets to others you did speak of

Do you get off on gossip
Do you not have your own life
Is your life really that lonely
This is why you are not a wife

You think you do nothing wrong
No ownership in the problems you cause
Selfish and manipulative you are
You feel compelled to talk of others flaws

Lies and deceit are your tools
In your reality your lies are the truth
You care not who you hurt
Respecting others you are uncouth

You should try and grow up
And others no longer affront
Respect others ways & lives
And you won't be a lonely cunt


  1. Does this post belong in a forum like this?

  2. I think you need a bit more explanation behind that question. Is it the word cunt? The topic? The format?

    And what exactly do you mean by a "forum like this"?

    I'd be happy to engage you in that discussion with a few more details.

  3. wow, did you date my ex, too?!