Wednesday, June 20, 2007

theme music

i only have 1 thing to say today (o.k. maybe not, but so far...)

i do NOT care what song anyone chooses for their damn political campaign!


  1. I didn't realize what this was referring to until I got an e-mail from Hillary.

    It's a fair point although a bit of a kill joy.


  2. people were having hissies over the song she chose. they were rabid over the fact that it isn't sung by an american.

    me, i just keep looking at the headlines and the problems and the war dead and everything else and it just seems silly to get po'd over a canadian singer.

    i did like the soprano take off tho. ; )

    i really haven't cared for any campaign song since "you can call me al."

  3. what is the song? that's an important missing detail!

  4. Arrrggggghhhhhhhhh .... Celine Dion ...sigh