Thursday, June 28, 2007

Live Blogging from City Council

OK, so I'm here, albeit early, outside of Council Chambers in anticipation of today's hearing on the City's promotion of three police officers with domestic violence histories. Perhaps you read Maria's stunning posts here and here? Why so early? b/c I finished my last meeting and decided it would be more comfortable lounging here than sitting in my car or fighting the noonish crowds for coffee and/or food.

First a few thoughts on what it's like to sit outside of Council Chambers .... it is boring. People walk by occasionally, but I don't know who they are so that's not very interesting. Plus, those who seem staffer-like tend to keep their heads down while they look furtively at me through their eyelashes. At the office where I work, staff tend to acknowledge people sitting in the hall or waiting outside a Chamber ... just to make sure there service needs are being met. Whatever. I'm sure they are way more busy and important than me. A taxpayer. Sitting in the hall. Using personal time to come down to a political meeting.

I'm currently trying to calculate just how much of my tax dollars are being wasted when the elevators open to reveal no one inside. I can testify that it happens more often than not here on the 5th Floor. There seriously cannot be that many little children in this building pressing all the buttons before being dragged off by their parents. Someone concerned about the environment (Mr. Peduto?) should look into that. On the bright side, the recorded voice is pleasant.

So, a lot has happened with regard to this here police situation. True to form, Mayor Luke has used the opportunity to his own political advantage. He knows damn well he cannot reverse the promotions without royally angering the FOP so he grandstands about making changes in the promotion process. Ha! I suppose he thinks he can appease the women and then get back to his main agenda -- self-promotion. We'll see if he comes up with the monies to put domestic violence back on the table in the police force. I'm hoping someone from Persad attends to talk about the police and same-gender domestic violence concerns.

Well ... people are beginning to arrive. Hang tight to see if I can find an outlet and they let me blog in the Chamber.

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