Thursday, June 28, 2007

Here's More on hearing

Arrggghhh. I missed her name. I think it is Phyllis Wetherby. Recounted our civil history with regard to police hires, especially with regard to African-American and women applicants. Injunction dissolved and it has been all downhill from there. By 1998, Pittsburgh third in women officers and by 2007, slipped to 10th. Women are 30% of the officers, but 40% of those lost by attrition. Violence against women is not a minor infraction. It is a clear indicator of the attitude of the police officers toward the majority of their constituents.

Harry Liller. Stated that he warned everyone that electing Bob O'Connor would end up in more police corruption. Outlines his perception of the disgrace of Ravenstahl's corruption along with others. The media is corrupt. At age nine, he called the police when his father brutalized his mother. I get three minutes to tell the truth while the media and the politicians get decades to promote their version of the truth. Tony Norman is a fat racist punk. The media only cares about campaign monies, rather than the character of the politicians.

Stephanie Walsh, Center for Victims of Violence and Crime. Have a relationship with the police, professionally. Affirms those who uphold and respect their duties. Asks that the bar be set by them. Thousands of victims do not come forward. Even the perception that the police are abusers creates another barrier (EXCELLENT POINT). Asking Council to play a visible and viable role in assuring city residents that crime witnesses who come forward will be treated with respect and civility and connected with services.

Marlo Svidron, Pittsburgh Action Against Rape. Law enforcement plays a critical role in responding to the crime of rape. Rape survivors often develop a desire for justice, to hold perpetrator accountable for his crime. A well-trained police officer makes a difference in these situations. Imagine chilling effect recent promotions have on rape victims coming forward. In the best of circumstances, coming forward is still painful and uncomfortable. If violence against women even appears to be so unimportant to the police and the system, would women come forward? Requests promotions be rescinded and zero tolerance policy advocated.

Barbara Shore. Retired Professor of Social Work at Pitt. Regrets that we are here today. Beyond belief that we have to declare opposition to domestic violence at this late day. Research has taught us how to help victims and become survivors. Dignity is the destiny of all in a humane and decent society. Police are meant to be protectors of all. If not, we have an unjust society. Police who don't batter women and children are the ones we'd like to see promoted.

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  1. liked shore the best so far, tho most of the others had good points, some tho, geeezzz.