Monday, June 18, 2007

introducing, me.

hi, I've been asked to join these bright and talented women and i accepted, tho i am not sure exactly how interesting you may find me. my name is sherry. I'm a 50ish, oh hell, I'm 55 years old. i earned every one of those years and i celebrate 'em. i am a mom and a grand mom and tho i am straight i believe very very strongly that everyone is equal and everyone has the same rights. that means everyone. THAT belief gets some people really po'd at me but hey. I'm old, I've seen a lot and nothing I've seen or experienced in the 55 years i've been breathing has ever changed my mind or my heart on that matter!
that i suppose, makes me a (gasp!)liberal. get out the torches and pitchforks folks were multipl'n like flies here!

i am also a poet. THAT right there gets me odder looks than being a liberal does.
i was going to start a purely literary blog and then i thought why not let people see how poems come about. my political leanings and my personal beliefs are a large part and so those subjects, among others just sort of found their way into the blog.
plus, i started reading political blogs and skipped around, finding new ones on the recommendations of the ones that i began to read every day. the poetry group that I've been a part of for years now,and recently became a list administrator for (they really are a brave bunch as i am fairly clueless technically, tho mostly i do other things for them that don't involve screwing up computers)
anyway, they are from all over the world, all different ages, races, genders, religions or non and orientations, political views, you name it we are a mix of everything. that just made me more aware of global issues.
and then, there was that little conflict called Vietnam. yep, graduated high school at 17 in 1969 so i needn't say more. you can guess.
so i decided to become an old cranky lady and sign petitions and make calls and pester my friends and generally become a pain in the ass ( but in a nice way)
i started commenting on maria's blog and things just went from there.
hope i can add something worthwhile or at least, give a smile or make you shake your head now and then.
going to end now. as you can tell, i can ramble with the best of em.

thanks, sherry