Thursday, June 28, 2007

More on Council Meeting

It is 2:00 PM and people are still entering the Chamber. We are packed. Shirl Regan is just wrapping up and acknowledging the input of the community. I like that she has a multi-prong plan to put forth.

Karen Myers, Executive Women's Leadership Council (I think I caught that correctly). Issue is that government would grant promotions, especially when cases aren't all resolved. The police don't have to be on our doorstep to be protecting the public order. Ravenstahl has made promises, but it takes consistent and deliberate action over years to change an environment. Please don't be swayed by media relations and other persuasions.

Florence Gaskill. Retired PA Dept. of Public Welfare after 40 years. Worked with women who were poor and relying on public assistance because of domestic violence. She's hear to speak on their behalf because they are too afraid to speak for themselves. She describes the bruises and the verbal abuse she witnessed in her career. Abusers do have perfect career records (referencing the excuse of the police brass on these promotions). These women depend on the police to protect them, even to save their lives.

Yvonne Brown. Her son was killed on November 7, 2002. Claims that DA Zapalla prevented an inquest in her son's murder. Desires police review in more cases. Describes the abuse she endured and the police non-response. We are being beat and mocked by the police. Claims the City Council doesn't pay attention because they don't want to hear the truth. Decried the impact of police on young African-American men. (Very impassioned testimony.)

Laurel Rosenberg, National Council of Jewish Women, Pittsburgh Section.
Twyla Sable, National Council of Jewish Women, Pittsburgh Section. Primary goal is social action in the community. Work in Family Court. Silent witness program reaches out to victims. Want women to know where help is available. Called for one strike policy for police officers. Officers should be above suspicion. Council should pass ordinance that promotions require records that indicate no violence against any person. Send a message to people of Pittsburgh that there is zero tolerance.

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