Thursday, June 28, 2007

Breaching the Chamber

Well, I'm in. I did find an outlet in the very back so I can, hopefully, unobtrusively blog. Maria told me that Mark R. was unable to blog from one of the council meetings. That seems inherently unfair as there is a giant camera looming over my head and that good-looking guy from WTAE is hovering around outside reporting that the meeting is going to happen. Why would they deny bloggers access? We are the new media! :-)

A few folks from Womens Center & Shelter are here. And someone that knows me from the Run, Baby, Run list and whose name I have promptly forgotten to my regret. We did talk about the story in today's Post-Gazette in which two of the victims of these police officers are in denial about their situations, which does make one wonder about their safety, especially when a third party (and a policeman at that) confirmed some of the facts. I don't think the average reader understands the dynamics of domestic violence enough to contextualize those denials. Too bad the Post-Gazette missed the opportunity to provide that context.

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