Monday, June 11, 2007

Welcome Rachel, Gloria and Jess

Hello to our three newest Society members, Gloria, Rachel and Jess. Looking forward to your contributions.

If you are a woman waiting in the wings, please email and join us on the stage. Even if you post semi-frequently, you are very welcome. It won't be the same without your voice.

I just cracked open the latest edition of Bitch and my mind is spinning with all the greatness within its pages. Bitch, Ms and Bust are my must reads. Usually, it is information overload. But in a good "power to the sisters" kind of way. I tend to read the magazines in chunks lest I get overexcited and do something totally manic in a feminist frenzy. Like start a blog. :-)

Point of interest - I rarely visit the websites of these magazines. While there's some cool content, it pales in comparison to the feel of the pages and smell of magazine print. Very evocative of the days when I first discovered feminism. It was all heady stuff.

Fortunately, there is plenty of room for feminist magazines and women's blogs. Alleluia!


  1. I have never read Jane. It always struck me as more fashionista than feminista. But that's strictly my impression from viewing the front cover. Is it something I should check out?

  2. It's always presented itself as the "anti-cosmo," but in my opinion, I think it falls somewhere in between.

  3. I think I enjoy Bitch the most among the magazines. Bust is entertaining, but makes me a bit hyper with all the uber cool commentary and profiles. Ms has been letting me down over the past year. A lot has to do with a horrible customer service experience that stretched out over many months.

    But Bitch makes me curl up on the sofa and read for an hour without interruption. Yum .. that's a great luxury.