Thursday, June 28, 2007

Coming to order ...

Bill 1574 Petition requesting hearing regarding recent promotion of police officers

The entire Council is here, but Jeff Koch who is out of town. There are easily more than 100 people here and it is rather a diverse crowd in terms of gender, age, and race.

Jeanne Clark of Squirrel Hill NOW. We've come once again to educate about domestic violence. Recent decisions indicate that education is sorely needed. Decisions are outrageous. Reading of the law indicates promotions were not legally made. Statements of police brass with regard to the situation is dismaying and show fundamental failure to understand the criminal aspect of domestic violence. The FOP threatens to sue if promotions overturned. Domestic violence kills. Issue is how to turn it around and ensure this doesn't happen again. "Step up and turn down these promotions." "The issue is not going away and the FOP is not the only group who can sue."

Heather Arnet, Women & Girls Foundation. Encouraged that the city is considering a new model which outlines best practices in dealing with domestic violence charges against police officers. These will serve the whole community. People will be protected. Asks that women's organizations like WC&S be included. Cautioned that forward movement should not pit the labor movement against women's organizations, especially when women have played a huge history in the labor movement. Hope's that the Fraternal Order of Police will work in partnership with Mayor and women's agencies. Shared values - fair wages and keeping families safe. (Personal opinion --- awesome!)

Shirl Regan, Women's Center and Shelter. 3,000 victims in the City of Pittsburgh have come forward to seek help. Women need to know that the police care and are committed to providing safe services and protections for all citizens. Local law enforcement has made tremendous improvement, but there is need for more. Has met with Ravenstahl and Zapalla. Recommends
new DV policy, changes in how promotions are made, DA's office investigates all dv calls about police officers. Second, put the dv experts back into the police stations. Third, immediate in-service training for all city officers within 60 days. Fourth, city purchase digital cameras for all police cars to document the evidence when on a domestic call ($25,000 approximate cost). Fifth, give police access to online protocols for evidence collection around domestic violence. Sixth, the police department track the domestic assault cases from assault cases.


  1. I love that you're real-time blogging about this! Thank you for being there and for letting those of us that can't be there know *exactly* what's happening from a source I actually trust.

    Awesome = Heather *and* you!

  2. Wow, Sue, that was some bangin' coverage. So super awesome for all of us who really, really wanted to be there but couldn't. Spectating doesn't get much better than that. Thank you!