Thursday, June 28, 2007

Opening the Floor for Comments

Women Lawrenceville United representative. Defended Trosky b/c he wasn't found guilty. How can that be grounds for action? She says these men have done nothing but served this community and the city with impeccable records.

Another woman who mumbled her name. Children want to be protected. We want police to project image that we protect people. Police should be shining examples of integrity over brutishness. They must be Pittsburgh's finest.

Bill of Greenfield. There's not one bad cop in the whole bunch. Likes Chief Harper.

Beth Pittinger, CPRB. Distributed the police power and control wheel. Will help educate on why DV committed by police officers has escalated. We need commitment of Adminstration to adhere to the model. List of qualifiers and disqualifiers for police recommendations. There are no disqualifiers on the books right now (THAT'S AWFUL).

Celeste Taylor, Point Breeze resident. Important to understand history and relationship. Asking promotions be rescinded. Pgh has first ever federal consent decree leveled against it. There are reasons that happened.

PEDUTO speaks. Thanks Jeanne Clark for putting out the call about the fact that the Mayor would not respond on this issue. People in this room got the Mayor to respond. Brother is a retired military psychologist. Domestic violence is a major issue. There will be more incidents of DV in police force because of greater levels of stress. Nephew of a state trooper so has seen firsthand the effects policework has on the family. We need sound policies. Concerned that promotions should be based on qualifications. 103 people passed over for Trosky's promotion, including Lieutenant Dixon who is at the top of the list. The Administation changed the rules and its not good for morale. "I have trouble believing that Nate Harper and the police brass did not bring these issues up to the Mayor." The Mayor has an opportunity and a responisbility to address these issues and to let the public know in a public way how he will do so. There's been a clear path of trouble in the Public Safety department, starting with appointment of Dennis Regan. Going through change in promotion rules, changes in special details process and the demotion of Commander McNeilly. Now this. We were an example. In past ten months, the number of women in top positions has dropped from 43% to 33%. We don't need more rules, perhaps some updating necessary. We need to follow the existing rules.

He didn't call any of us ladies.

Chris Potter is sitting right behind me trying, I'm sure, to steal all of my excellent paragraphs and ideas.

Tonya Payne speaks: Need domestic violence sweep across all departments.

Interesting note: Bodack is the Chair of Public Safety Committee. That's reassuring.

Discussion on next steps on how to move forward. There's a plan to plan a plan. I certainly feel better.


  1. oh ick!

    i don't think much is going to be done.

  2. For the record, I wasn't trying to crib your notes; having already lifted the choicest portions of Rich Lord's notes, I'm all set.

    I just wanted to see New Media being created before my very eyes. Very exciting.

    -- Chris Potter

  3. Don't trust him, Sue -- he once sat behind me at a mayoral forum and kept looking over my notes, too ...

    Frances "He Knows Who"

  4. That's why I sat in BACK of him this time ... ha ha ha.


  5. Good job on the live blogging.

  6. Frances,

    He's just jealous b/c our blog is the real alternative media and soon he'll be sitting at the McKnight Road Starbucks with McIntire, Norman and Mayo wondering where it all went wrong ...


    Thanks for the props. You were missed. But there wasn't a seat for you so you probably chose the better option.

  7. Matt,

    Since I was using taxpayer funded electricity, let them not give you grief for posting on public time ...

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  9. Since I was using taxpayer funded electricity, let them not give you grief for posting on public time

    Hey, now ... you just lifted MY joke! I said this very thing to you at the event! I have witnesses!

    P.S. Blogs may well put me out of work someday, but I'm going to have to get a lot more desperate than that before I end up at the North Hills Starbucks.

    -- Potter

  10. me, i'll go to any starbucks any time, white chocolate mocha venti, oh bliss!!!

  11. Mr. Potter,

    What's your take on the meeting?

  12. Aw, man! Was that you, sitting right behind me? Why didn't we say hi to one another?

    Didn't read everything yet, but noticed one thing ... are we not supposed to say "ladies?" Because I like being called a "gentleman."

  13. I blame Potter. He didn't introduce us. However, it could be that you weren't wearing the bathrobe ...

  14. Tell Peduto you deserve a raise!