Thursday, June 28, 2007

It is 1:12 PM and things are heating up ...

There are well over three dozen women here. I counted heads so don't believe the MSM if they say otherwise. Some wizened looking white men came in, surveyed the women with a frown and turned tail out the door. Several people brought younger women with them -- awesome.

There are some men here, too. About five that seem to be part of the throng. No discernible media presence. Although, I'm pleased to say that when an attendee asked about media someone said "Sue Kerr is blogging in the back." I was walking past with my program. How cool is that?

I don't know most of these women. I need to get out more in women's issues circles. The list of speakers includes a few names you might recognize ... Heather Arnet, Jeanne Clark, Shirl Regan, Barbara Shore to name a few.

I wonder if anyone is live-reading this?


  1. They may or may NOT have been reading it live, but I sure am reading it now. The thing that keeps coming to mind is

    "I LOVE YOU!".

    Watching your officer involved developments from over here in Tacoma WA where our police chief killed his wife and himself. I've been corresponding with your reporters...

    and well the story is long.

    But following cop-involved dv for over four years now beLEIVE me when I say between your women and your press letting people know about your women - you are collectively the most powerful showing on this topic


    Bow of respect to all of you.